Lenovo ThinkPad T Series

  My current daily driver is a ThinkPad T450s. I'm a big fan of the T-Series ThinkPads and find their durability, reliability, and keyboard especially good.   At this point I'd be unlikely to spend my own money on anything but a ThinkPad T or a Dell Latitude (thought the Dell XPS 13 and THinkPad X1 are both tempting).
Dell Opliplex Desktop

  My work desktop is a Dell Optiplex with three monitors (all Dell LCDs), a Lenovo classic keyboard, and a Logitech wireless touchpad.
My work machine. Purchased by, and property of, my employer.
I love optiplex desktops. My last one was over 8 years old and kept plugging on like the Energizer Bunny

Apple iPod Touch Grande

 I use a 9.7" iPad regularly, mostly for consumption, but some productivity. I still feel cramped by the OS and screen when trying to be productive, though side-by-side in iOS 9 improved things. Current machine is an iPad Air 2.  My iPad is always fairly close at hand. Bible reading, news reading, even some book reading, plus notes and email. One of my most used devices.
Apple iPad Nano

 I use old iPhones as media players and running companions. The old iPhones are generally supported longer than their equivalent iPod touch model, and include GPS for run tracking. I prefer Android for my main phone, and like having my productivity device (my phone) seperate from my enterainment device. I do not have cellular service on the iPhone.
Currently a gree iPhone 5c 32 GB.
Samsung Galaxy S5

 Verizon Wireless Smartphone
 I like Android on the phone and the S5 give me two features I find very useful:  - Removable Battery
 - SD card expandable storage

I'm not a huge fan of Samsung (I'll always have a spot in my heart for HTC), but the Galaxy S4 the surprised me. I bought it from a co-worker for a good price and I actually found that I liked it quite well, even if the hardware was lackluster in deisgn and the Samsung specific software rather iffy. The S4 was replaced with an S5.

NOTE: On all Android phones I use Apex Launcher or Nova Launcher in place of the manufacturer bundled home environment.

ME Electronics M6 Earphones

 These are my current favorite earphones. They have a sound I really like, they are comfortable, are well suited for active use, and are very well priced.
 - Very good, rich sound
 - Very comfortable

 OEM Link
 Amazon Link

 I'm an iPhone user, so I kinda got sucked into the iTunes ecosystem. The software is pretty much a good idea, flawed in its execution. Run awfully on Windows (are they unable or unwilling to code on Windows?), and is huge (90+ MB installer. Why???), But I'm now used to having my music, netcasts, etc., in a media library. I still prefer to organize my videos by file structure.


 This is an extremly powerful, open source image editor. Supports layers, transparency, channels, etc. Has a fairly steep learning curve, but amazing results (for free!) once you learn how to use it.

 >Free (Open Source)
Google Chrome

 This is my browser of choice. No, I can't quantify why. I don't think of it being way faster than the competition, I just like it.

Mozilla Firefox

 My third string browser (Yes, I use Internet Explorer (IE9) as my backup browser). The big strength of this browser is the availability of great extensions (http://addons.mozilla.org), a couple of which I always install right away. The extensions are also the biggest annoyance in this browser, as the constant updating of extensions can make startup slow.

 >Free (Open Source)

 My first choice for desktop virtualization. A Sun/Oracle product, free/Open Source. Available for Linux, Mac, and Windows hosts. I use this rather than MS Virtual PC 2007 or Windows Virtual PC (in Win7). I have not yet eplored the potential of Hyper-V in Windows 8.

 >Free (Open Source)
Microsoft Office

 I use Microsoft Office Professional. The feature set and fit and finish of the MS Office apps is above that of the competition.
(I know, this is my opinion. No, I'm not interested in why OpenOffice/LibreOffice is "better". Use what works for you.)

- Outlook - I use Outlook as my email and calendar client.

- OneNote - This app is hard to explain, but one that I use alot. Notebooks are kept in sections, pages, and subpages.

- Word - The industry standard word processing application.

- Excel - The industry standard spreadsheet application.

- Access - The database app. I play around in Access to help me understand it better (we have several Access frontends for databases at work)

- Visio - Very nice for diagramming buildings and rooms.

- Publisher - Publisher is a decent layout program for home and small business, but I mostly use it as a super clipboard.

- PowerPoint - I don't use it much, but it's nice to have.

 >Price Varies

  SciTE (the Scintilla Text Editor) is my text editor of choice for coding and plain text work. It offers context highlighting for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc.

 >Free (Open Source)

  FileZilla is a nice, light, and simple FTP client. SciTE and FileZilla are my two "must have" tools in web development work.

 >Free (Open Source)

  KMP is my first choice media player for video playback.

 >Free (Open Source?)
VLC Media Player

  I prefer KMP to VLC, but I like having VLC around. To use a Steve Jobs line: "It just works".

 >Free (Open Source)

 This isn't an exhaustive list, but it does give a decent overview of the tools I find valuable.

Mobile Software

  Flipboard is an amazing news reading app. it’s hard to explain, but it is something like a customizable digital magazine. Flipboard curates some streams based on subject or you can add any RSS feed, Twitter stream, or Google+ …um.. stream (or whatever it’s called).

 >Google Play

  GoodReader seems to be without peer in the mobile and tablet world. It is the best PDF reader I’ve found, with amazing annotation functions, page spreads, left-to-right page scroll, and more. It also opens MS Word docs (read-only), images, and zip archives.

 >(iOS Only)

 I use Microsoft OneNote on every computer and device I own. The iPad app is somewhat limited, but overall OneNote is the best digital notebook for my use.

 >Google Play

 This isn't an exhaustive list, but it does give somewhat of an overview of the tools I find valuable.