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   As someone using (by choice) an iPhone, an Android phone, an iPad, and Windows and Linux desktops and laptops, I decided I needed a loyalty sticker

Geek Logo

Link to full size JPG (white background)
Link to full size PNG (transparent background)
SVG Coming sometime
...More Coming Sometime...

Outgoing Voicemail

 Some people say they enjoy my outgoing voicemail message, so here's a link to the audio.

Outgoing VMail Message

...Nothing Yet...

 I will eventually dump some of my writings in here

CSS Templates and Tutorials

 > - Nice templates and snippets to help jump start your CSS work.

 > - This helped me a lot with CSS based navigation.

Copyright Info

 > - Useful info for determining copyright status.

 > - This is a very nice table view of US copyright based on date of creation.

...More Coming...

 I'll try to keep adding useful links in here as I find them.